Message Ideas

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Message Ideas

Love the idea of chalking your walks with positive messages, but just not quite sure what to say? Here’s a list of ideas to get your creative juices flowing (printer-friendly pdf).  Got some great ideas of your own? Share them with us on our Facebook page.

Happy chalking!

  1. You’re beautiful
  2. You are amazing
  3. Life is good
  4. Love your life
  5. YES!
  6. Yes, you can
  7. I love you
  8. You make a difference
  9. Be Love
  10. You are loved
  11. Enjoy the moment
  12. Be happy
  13. We are one
  14. Love one another
  15. Hope
  16. Love
  17. Joy
  18. Kindness
  19. Dream big
  20. (smiley face)
  21. (heart)
  22. (flower)
  23. Shine brightly
  24. Love more
  25. Smile
  26. Smile more
  27. You can be anything
  28. Magic happens
  29. Believe in yourself
  30. You are fabulous
  31. Live. Laugh. Love.
  32. Be inspired
  33. Scatter joy
  34. Choose joy
  35. You are totally awesome. Totally.
  36. Wahooo!
  37. Be excellent to each other
  38. You are rare & precious
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  1. someone who loves you deeply will walk a thousand miles just to see you smile
    hows that?

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