"Spreading joy, optimism and inspiration..."

...through the magical power of sidewalk chalk.


Chalk the Walks (a project of The Joy Team) is all about spreading joy, optimism and inspiration through the magical power of sidewalk chalk.

Remember when you were a kid and you’d draw pictures and write happy thoughts with chalk in your driveway and down the sidewalks of your  street? And the adults always smiled when they read the big, pastel-colored messages? This is just like that. Only we’re bigger now. And we don’t have to go in the house when the street lights go out.

The idea is as simple as it was in childhood: write happy messages, have fun doing it, spread some joy while you’re at it.

Have questions? Contact Michele McKeag Larsen:

  • (p) 503.724.7442
  • (e) michele (at) thejoyteam.org

2015 Chalk the Walks

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Tuesday, August 18th is the 5th annual Chalk the Walks!

Here’s how you can get involved this year:

  • Be a Chalker – join the Facebook event and post photos of your positive chalk messages there on August 18th so we can all enjoy them.
  • Be a Community Partner – help us spread the word! Call Michele for localizable posters or download a pdf to print over or an editable PowerPoint version.  As we get closer we’ll post a press release template to help you promote your local Chalk the Walks 2015!
  • Be a Chalk Partner – If you’re company or organization is gathering to chalk, join the list of 2015 Chalk Partners by letting Michele know where you’re chalking and be a designated location for free chalk in your city.

You can chalk positive, inspiring messages from anywhere on August 18th — last year we had over 4,000 chalkers from every state in the US and 9 countries (Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, India, Mexico, New Zealand, Scottland and US)! Then post them on the Facebook event page to share them with the rest of us. Check the event page often to see new images from all over being posted.

Please Chalk Responsibly

In many cities chalk is considered a graffiti medium.  Chalking in some cities is legal as long as it’s on your own sidewalk, driveway or on private property with permission.  In others, chalking is illegal altogether.  So, please chalk responsibly and check with your city for regulations first.

Best Practices:

  • Be respectful – consider your neighbors and others who will see your chalked walks.
  • Remember the mission – the goal here is to spread joy, optimism and inspiration; if what you’re writing doesn’t accomplish that in a pure and simple way, please reconsider.
  • Keep it clean – it’s very difficult to spread joy if your content is offensive; if an 8-year-old shouldn’t read it, don’t write it.
  • Have fun – play is important to our mental and emotional health; connect with your inner child, be playful, have fun.


Need some ideas? Here are some suggested messages that will scatter joy, sprinkle smiles and shower love.

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Message Ideas

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